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Installation view Aaron Gemmill and Matthew Schrader: Tactile Pose
Installation view Aaron Gemmill and Matthew Schrader: Tactile Pose
O U Dsf4665 Low Res
40.701, -73.987 E Litho ink on chromogenic print 13x10"
Planned Surface Changes (detail)
2015 Rachel 4 Web 533 1
2013 104db673ff0aa508b2ae4f074fc13f7f Jpg 1200 1200 False
2012 Provopoli Barricade 2
2012 Provopoli 2
(347) 703-2431
62 18th St, Brooklyn NY 11215

The Daily Gentrifier / Aaron Gemmill at Bulletin (Practice) / F Magazine Issue 5 / Ferrofluid Journal 3 / Work in Progress at Storefront for Art and Architecture / Utopia Banished at Angela Meleca / O / U at P! / O / U at Room East / Theme Can 2 / The Kingsboro Press Issue 9 / DARAPRIM at Greene & Nostrand / Machines That Matter at e-flux / Family Bodies at Induction Burners / Plain Sight curated by Tom McGlynn / A+WS Reading Room at NADA New York / Lite Sabotage: An Interview with Aaron Gemmill at Center for Ongoing Research & Projects / Maximum circulation maximum control at Center for Ongoing Research & Projects / Aaron Gemmill and Matthew Schrader: Tactile Pose at K. / Aaron Gemmill and Samuel Payne curated by Rachel Valinsky / Flat by Fiat at LG /
Born in Birmingham, Alabama
Lives and works in New York

Selected Exhibitions

La Embajada, Mexico City (forthcoming)
Metropolitan Structures (forthcoming)
Utopia Banished Angela Meleca Gallery, Columbus (curated by Ryland Wharton)
Work in Progress Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York
O/U P!, New York
O/U Room East, New York
Plain Sight Monroe-Brown Gallery Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo (curated by Tom McGlynn)
Aaron Gemmill and Matthew Schrader: Tactile Pose P!, New York
Maximum circulation maximum control Center for Ongoing Research & Projects, Columbus
125 Things Kunstraum München, Munich
Aeromoto + Wendy’s Subway Reading Room NADA, New York
Transaction Spring/Break, New York (curated by Rachel Valinsky)
Flat by Fiat LG, Brooklyn
For Machine Use Only Schneiderei Gallery, Vienna (curated by Mohammad Salemy)
Relief Efforts Shoestring Press, Brooklyn
Social Photography IV Carriage Trade, New York
MFA Thesis Exhibition Bard College, Red Hook
Our Demise 95 Ave B, New York
Karel Martens & Aaron Gemmill P!, NADA Miami Beach, Miami
Social Photography III Carriage Trade, New York
Gymnasia, 4:00 AM Cleopatra’s Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Do It (Outside)/ DIY Plinth Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens
Possibility 02: Growth, P! New York
Under the Big Blank Sun DadabaseNYC.com
Methods of Entanglement Mass Gallery & Texas Advanced Computing Center, Austin (w/ Angie Keefer)
Object of Study/Subject of Learning Blanton Museum, Austin (w/ Angie Keefer and Rob Seward)

Curatorial Projects

Daraprim L-G/Greene & Nostrand, Brooklyn
Flat by Fiat L-G, Brooklyn
Strike Then, Strike Now Interference Archive, Brooklyn


F Magazine, Adam Marnie, Los Angeles
Ferrofluid Journal, Wreath, Atlanta
A+WS (forthcoming) Publication Studio, New York
The Kingsboro Press 9 Kingsboro Press, Los Angeles
Theme Can 2 Theme Can, Tampa
The Psychoanalysis of Fire Wendy’s Subway, New York
SPACE, No, Dear Magazine Issue 14 Brooklyn
Social Photography III Carriage Trade, New York


Family Bodies Induction Burners
Bricks, Paper, Ceiling: O/U at P! And Room East Mira Dayal, Aesthetica Magazine
O/U at P! and Room East Rob Goyanes, ArtFCity.com
O/U at P! and Room East ArtViewer.org
Lite Sabotage Ryland Wharton, Center for Ongoing Research & Projects
Eating Art Glen Roven Huffington Post
WHERE DID YOU GO FOR SPRING/BREAK, 2015? Katy Diamond Hamer, Eyes Towards the Dove
On Photocracy: Notes on Aaron Gemmill’s recent works and Laruelle’s concept of Non-Photography Mohammad Salemy, DadabaseNYC
Tomorrow, Now, Forever Paddy Johnson, Art Fag City

Selected Discography

Zachary Cale, Noise of Welcome All Hands Electric
Rhys Chatham, A Crimson Grail Nonesuch Records
Charles Burst, The Famous Patient Ernest Jenning Records
Broken Letters, BBC Sessions Bent Rail Foundation
Illuminations See-Saw All Hands Electric
Sworn Enemies s/t Bent Rail Foundation
v/a, Mandatory Marathon Amendment Records
Laceration/Agoraphobic Nosebleed Satan’s Pimp
v/a Audio Terrorism : The Soundtrack For Weirdness and Blind Hostility Satan's Pimp
Accidental Double Homicide Satan’s Pimp
Laceration/Facade Burned Black Open Wound
Laceration/Bad Acid Trip Agitate 96
Laceration/K. Shipley Clean Plate Records
v/a No Fate 2xCD HG Fact
v/a A Product of Six Cents Six Cents
v/a Deadly Encounters Agitate 96
Laceration/Avulsion Clean Plate Records
v/a Speed Freaks Knot Music
v/a Prototype 7” Clean Plate Records
v/a Fooling with Pain Tylet Lyvet


MFA Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College